Mac And Cheese Ramen Noodles Recipe

Mac And Cheese Ramen Noodles Recipe

Mac And Cheese Ramen Noodles Recipe – If you enjoy eating Mac and Cheese as well as Ramen noodles then why not combine the two and try out this Mac and Cheese Ramen noodles recipe? Using instant Ramen noodles is definitely a great substitute instead of using the typical macaroni elbows and personally, I think it tastes better.

Ingredients Needed:

– Package of instant Ramen noodles
– Velveeta Cheese (or Easy Mac cheese package)


– Break up a package of instant Ramen noodles and add the flavoring pack into a microwavable bowl
– Add water to it and place in the microwave for 3 minutes
– Remove bowl from microwave and drain most (but not all of the water)
– Add Velveeta cheese (you’ll want to break up the pieces and add cheese to taste.)
– After you add the cheese, place the bowl back into the microwave for 30-60 seconds
– Take out and mix

There are plenty of different ways to make Mac and Cheese Ramen noodles and this is just one way. You can also simply use an Easy Mac cheese package instead and just mix with the Ramen after you drained most of the water out. If you use the cheese package, there is no need to put it back into the microwave after.