Asian Ramen Cabbage Salad Recipe

Asian Ramen Cabbage Salad Recipe

Asian Ramen Cabbage Salad Recipe – If you’re looking for an interesting salad made with instant ramen noodles as well as cabbage (instead of your typical lettuce) then you should definitely try out the “Asian Ramen Cabbage Salad Recipe”. This recipe is delicious and you’re using green cabbage as your salad base topped with a nice Asian dressing mix.

Ingredients Needed:

– Head of green cabbage
– Green onions (scallions)
– Package of Instant Ramen Noodles
– Soy Sauce
– Rice vinegar
– Brown sugar
– Oil
– Butter
– Crispy Wontons
– Cranberry’s


– Chop up the cabbage and scallions then mix and refrigerate
– In a skillet over a medium heat, add the butter, brown sugar as well as the soy sauce
– Add the package of instant ramen noodles (including the flavoring package) and mix until desired texture (though, it should be a bit crunchy so it shouldn’t take long to make)
– Once the ramen dressing is all set, you will want to pour it over the cabbage right before serving
– Top off with wontons and cranberries

This ramen salad recipe is a serving size made for 4-6 people. The cabbage is a good substitute because once you pour the dressing over the salad, it doesn’t get as soggy compared to regular lettuce.